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Special Mini Reviews: Elizabeth Scott

Friday, April 9, 2010

I usually can't read two books from the same author or same serie one after the other. I like a change after I've read a book, another kind of story or another author for th next book. Anyway I changed this habit after I read one of Elizabeth's books and ended reading three of her books that were waiting for me in my TBR pile. I guess that just says how much I enjoyed reading her stories!
So instead of writing a review for each of the book I've decided I would have a special mini reviews day devoted to Elizabeth Scott. Here are the three books I've all read in one-sitting:

Summary: Goodreads summary

Rate: 5/5

Review: Bloom is clearly my favorite Elizabeth Scott's book I've read so far.
Lauren has it all: a good life, great friends and the perfect boyfriend every other girl would die for. But with the arrival of Evan in her life Lauren begins to question herself: is she really happy and was this the life she's always dreamed of?
I really liked Lauren, a simple and lovely girl stuck with a life which doesn't make her happy and a boyfriend she's not sure to love even if everyone tells her they're the perfect couple.
Between her relationship with her father often absent or inattentive, a boyfriend who may not be the one for her after all and her new feeling for the "other boy" Evan, life is not easy for Lauren.
I found myself willing to hold her, telling her everything would be okay.
This story highly deserved its 5/5.

Summary: Goodreads Summary

Rate: 4,5/5

Review: I had hesitations before reading Stealing Heaven. A girl and her mom on the road, moving from town to town and stealing the Rich. Hum...But once again Elizabeth Scott proved how talented she is by creating realistic and sincere characters.
Danielle has never had a real life, real friends but everything changes after Dani and her mother move to Heaven. Has she finally find the place where she could have the life she's always wanted?
I liked how the romance was not the main part of this book (still there is a love story, hey! I didn't name my blog Sweet Happy Ending for no reason) but Elizabeth also focused on Dani's relationship with her mother. She might not be the perfect mother (far from that actually) giving a "normal" and honest life to her daughter but she really loves Dani no matter what and the feeling's mutual.
Without giving any details I'd just add that Stealing Heaven was really a moving story and definitely a must read.

Summary: Goodreads Summary

Rate: 3,5/5

Review: From the three books I chose to review today Something Maybe was not the one I enjoyed the most. But it doesn't mean I didn't like it, far from that actually. It's just that I read it after Bloom and Stealing Heaven and couldn't help making comparisons.
I would just say that if Something Maybe wasn't as emotional as the two others, I still really enjoyed this story and the main characters. Especially Finn who was just so adorable, hiding a real sensitivity behind sarcasm and humor. I mean, how could you resist a boy who acts like the "cool guy" but blushes every time he talks to a girl...
Romance and conflictual relationships are the main topics of this story. Let' just say that there was just a character I couldn't get to like: Hannah's mother. She was sometimes too immature and shallow for me to really appreciate her.
Anyway, 3,5/5 doesn't mean it was not a good read, just not as much as some others.

After reading these three books I can say that Elizabeth Scott is definitely one of my favorite author of the genre and I just can't wai for her next book!

Have you read any of them? Which one did you like the most?

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Mika said...

I definitely want to read Stealing Heaven. Looks like a good read. I will give Bloom a shot too, because your review is really good, so I admit I'm kinda curious :)

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