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Review Star: Shade

Friday, May 7, 2010

I host this meme inspired by "Spotlight Review" at Bookworming in the 21st Century, where every week (at least i'll try) I'll pick up two of the best reviews I've read for a same book (it doesn't mean automatically 5/5 reviews ), this way we'll have the opportunity to share different opinions on a book we have read.
This week the book reviewed will be: Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Release: May 4th 2010 by Simon Pulse

Summary: Aura can see ghosts. Born after the Shift, a little-understood event that enables younger generations to communicate with the dead, Aura is relentlessly pursued by these violet-hued spirits. They need help to pass out of this world and into the next. And some are so angyr they are on the verge of becoming Shades, dark vortexes of energy. But Aura just wants the ghosts to leave her alone so she can spend time with her boyfriend, Logan.

When Aura is paired with a new foreign-exchange student to research the Shift for a class project, she is determined to ignore her partner’s sexy Scottish accent and discover the cause of the Shift so she can reverse it.

Then Logan dies a most untimely death. Forced to reconsider her relationship with the living and the dead, Aura is caught in a love triangle with her violet-hued boyfriend and her hot research partner…one of whom may hold the key to reversing the Shift.

1st review by Kristi from The Story Siren

Rate: 5/5
Review: Shade is one hauntingly awesome debut that will leave you craving the sequel as soon as the last page is read.

I don't really know what to say... I mean it was fabulous, it was one of those 'wow' reads. Where you don't see the last page coming because you just want it to keep on going... where you read the last sentence and immediately need the next novel... 'wow'
I really think Shade, as a paranormal novel, is going to stand out among the throngs of vampire, werewolf, and angel books. Although this isn't the first novel I've read about ghosts, the story is incredibly unique and well done. Plus it has that whole incredibly hot love triangle going on, which is something that I can't get enough of for some reason. And for once I don't have a definite side that I'm on.

Aura is a really well developed character and as a reader you can't help but get caught up in the emotional battle that she struggles with throughout this novel. Aura's character has a very compelling and relatable voice, and I think readers will automatically like her. I know I did. And the boys in this novel, wow. Hot guitar playing rock-star...er ghost, or a seriously sexy Scotsman....?

The whole mystery surrounding 'the shift' isn't really divulged upon in this novel. No one really knows what caused it, and the people that are trying to find an answer really only have assumptions. But don't think that Smith-Ready leaves you empty handed, there are a few big revelations that will keep you more than satisfied!

That cliffhanger ending totally KILLED me!

Jeri Smith-Ready has made a fan out of me

2nd review by Lori from Pure Imagination

Rate: 5/5
Review: I only read a few paranormal books that I absolutely loved last year. It's my favorite genre but its gotten so popular that it's hard to find the really good books anymore. Shade is the first paranormal I have read this year and absolutely loved!! The world in this book is utterly amazing! The whole concept of the Shift drew me in from the very beginning. Jeri Smith-Ready is a adult author and this is her first YA. Maybe that's why I loved it so much. It reminded me of the adult paranormal novels that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place.

Aura was a amazing character. Not once did she annoy me! I loved all the characters. They all played very important roles in Aura's life and I felt that connection. And can I say Hot Boys! Between a guitar playing punk and a Scotsman?? Seriously? Give me a heart attack! Those are my two favorite kinds! All in one book!! Okay....I'll stop gushing.

The mystery and the entire concept behind this book was awesome. There wasn't a dull moment. I really don't think I can say enough good things about Jeri's story telling. This book is released in May and I will definitely be buying a finished copy and you better be buying you a copy asap!

I've just got the book myself and haven't read it yet but I'm looking forward to meet Aura !! Have you read it? What did you think?

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